In Japan, food preparation is considered a delicate art form, to be pursued with burning passion and executed to perfection. Every dish created is the personification of the chef's culinary artistry and self-expression. Most important of all, every form of interaction with a diner is sacred, to be taken seriously and with meticulous attention ­to­ detail. It is this rare combination of authenticity, great taste and warm service that has always set Japanese fine dining apart from the rest. These traits of culinary excellence, has a name in Malaysia ­Miraku.

A fine dining restaurant established under Texchem Group of Companies, Miraku's Japanese roots run deep. With an uncompromising approach towards food quality and authenticity, Miraku uses the freshest ingredients flown in directly from Japan and are handled and prepared by experienced Japanese chef with years of experience. The name Miraku itself, signifies a great place for great food.

At Miraku, we are committed to delivering an exceptional dining experience in every sense. Whether you are here for just a few drinks and snacks or a full meal, dining solo, with associates or friends and family, you are assured of a uniquely authentic and tantalisingly memorable culinary affair. For many of our regular diners, Miraku is more than just about delicious food and friendly service, it is a cultural experience in itself.

We invite you to embark on this culinary adventure with us. Welcome to Miraku. Irrashaimase.